June 4, 2018

June 2018

CDA Nutrition Update

June is upon us, ready to kick off our summer months with warmer weather and longer days. Remember to keep yourself and the children you care for hydrated throughout the day with lots of water and fresh, juicy fruits. We’ll be wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads we know on Sunday, June 17th! Dad’s are special people to their little ones and we want to acknowledge all the things they do each day to help take care of their families!

Important Program Update

The State of California is switching to a new system for budgeting and cash management on July 1st, 2018. This new system, called FI$Cal, will impact the timing of your CACFP reimbursements. Starting in July, due to this new State system, your reimbursements will be paid out about 10 days later than you are currently used to. We want you to be aware of this change so that you have time to plan ahead and budget accordingly as we get used to this new payment schedule.


2018 Annual Training Dates – we have just one live training left for the year! Our San Diego County training will take place on June 2nd. Please call the office to get signed up today!

San Diego County – June 2nd
San Diego County Office of Education
Saturday 9:30 AM – English
Saturday 1:00 PM – Spanish

Online Training – Available until July 31st

To access the online training click the link above and follow the instructions from there. You will need to complete the quiz and send your signed/dated Annual Training Cover Page to the Nutrition Office by July 31st in order for your training to be complete.

Milk served in your child care facility must meet both Licensing and CACFP regulations. Flavored milk and 2% milk are not reimbursable. In order to be reimbursed for meals, offer only 1% or fat-free milk to children 2 years and older. Children who are 1 year old must be offered whole milk.

Tiering time is coming up in July. If tiering applies to you, you will receive your Tier Renewal Forms with full instructions in the mail by the end of June. Please get all of your required documents for the tiering process organized so that you can complete and return them quickly. They are due in our office by July 31st, 2018.

Please be aware that these documents are time sensitive.

Forms received after July will be processed in the month they are received; we are unable to process retroactively. If you have any questions concerning tiering, please call Cecy in the Nutrition office at 619-427-4922.

Save your labels for all grain products you normally offer at your CACFP meals. This is a State requirement.

Annual Renewal time is also approaching. By regulation, enrollments must be renewed annually. We will be sending a letter with instructions if you claim on-line. If you claim using scanner forms, we will mail the Annual Renewal Report form along with a letter of instructions. It is very important to follow the instructions.

The Annual Renewals will be sent as follows:

If your last name starts with the letter:

A – F: Due July 15th (mailed out at the end of June)
G – L: Due Aug. 15th (mailed out at the end of July)
M – R: Due Sept. 15th (mailed out at the end of August)
S – Z: Due Oct. 15th (mailed out at the end of September)

It is important that your Annual Renewal Report is dated and submitted in the month that it is due, not before or after that date.

Recipe: Fruity Toasts


  • Fresh fruits of your choice
  • Whole grain bread
  • Cream cheese
  • Peanut butter

Wash and slice your fruit; arrange on a large plate and set aside. Toast your bread, then spread on a thin layer of cream cheese or peanut butter, top with sliced fruits, and enjoy!

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