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CDA is on a mission to positively impact the community and give families an equal chance at success. If you want more information about understanding or completing program materials, check out our video library of resources below.

Annual Recertification

Families must complete an annual recertification at the end of each 12-month eligibility period. The recertification is a formal process to collect information and updated documentation to determine if a family meets the program requirements to continue receiving child care services. Eligible families may complete their annual recertification electronically.

Recertification Process
How To Use DocuSign

Certificate For Child Care Services

When a family is approved or has a change in child care services, CDA will give the parent and the child care provider a Certificate For Child Care Services. The following video tutorials will help you better understand the child care services approved for parents on the Alternative Payment Program.

What is the RMRC? (Regional Market Rate Ceiling)
How to Read a Certificate For Child Care Services
Example 1: Change of Hours
Example 2: Change of Family Fee
Example 3: Change of Provider
Example 4: Termination of Services

Attendance Records

Attendance records are the backbone of the Alternative Payment Program as these records are what is submitted monthly for provider reimbursement. Each family is given an attendance record specifically coded to a specific month and child. It is essential that child care is documented on the correct attendance form.

The parent, provider or authorized person is responsible for recording the child’s drop off and pick up times on CDA’s attendance record. CDA cannot accept alternate attendance records. If an alternate record is received, reimbursement cannot be issued.

How to Complete an Attendance Record


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