Community Resources

CDA is on a mission to positively impact the community and give families an equal chance at success. If you want more information or are in need of more community services, check out our library of resources below.

Ages & Stages

Take this with you to learn the milestones your child has reached, what to expect next, and tips to help children develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning!

Resource Guide

If your family needs additional help, we’ve compiled a list of local San Diego resources for you to explore.

Covered California

Find out if you’re eligible for financial health care assistance.

2-1-1 San Diego

If your family needs to connect with health,
community or disaster services, visit 211 San
Diego for more information.

Parent’s Guide to San Diego Schools

This guide provides an overview of every public school’s performance in easy-to-read charts to support families when making decisions about their child’s education.

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