Provider Focus Group Summary

Thank You!

We would like to thank all the providers who attended this event! If you weren’t able to attend the Provider Focus Group Night, we have included below a summary of the topics and comments discussed during this event.

We look forward to continue working together to support children and families all across San Diego County. If you have any questions, please contact your Provider Services Specialist who would be glad to help at (619) 427-4411 Ext. 1600.


CDA has fully implemented 12 month eligibility for all of our Alternative Payment Program (APP) families. What this means is that families now get 12 months of uninterrupted child care services. CDA has already seen the positive benefits this change has brought not just to our APP families, but also to child care providers. Parents are having to report less changes which has brought stability to their child care services. Providers shared stories of parents being relieved from not having to constantly report changes and their children missing care due to schedule changes.

CDA recently launched a new website. Our new website is innovative, easy to navigate, and has some great new features for providers. One of these new features is the Provider Resource Center. The Resource Center is where you can find answers to Common Questions, How-to Videos, the link to the Care Portal, Secure Email Instructions, and a new Report Change Form.

To visit our Provider Resource Center, click here.

CDA has created two new videos: “How to Complete an Attendance Record?” and “How to Read a Child Certificate?” Our goal is to create more of these instructional videos to support the success of both parents and providers on our program.

You can find all of our “How-to Videos” in our Provider Resource Center under Reimbursements. To learn more, click here.

At our first Provider Focus Group Night in January, it was suggested that CDA make provider referrals. CDA has been working on this suggestion and recently received approval from our State Consultant to develop a referral process. We are still working on the procedures and logistics. Once we have more information we will notify you.

At our first Provider Focus Group, it was also suggested that CDA offered more professional development opportunities. Earlier this month, we partnered with YMCA CRS to provide a health and safety information on “Medication Safety, Poison, and Burn Prevention.” We will continue to share professional development opportunities and resources via email and on our Facebook Page. To visit our Facebook Page, click here.

Earlier in January it was also suggested that CDA reimburse child care providers faster. CDA hired more staff to support us with this goal and speed up our reimbursement processes. To be reimbursed timely, please continue to submit your attendance records no later than the 10th day of the month proceeding child care services. If you have any questions about reimbursement, invoicing, or our attendance records please visit our Reimbursements page to learn more.

Lastly, we received feedback that the Explanation of Payment (EOP) document is difficult to understand at times. We will work on developing new resources to support you in reading and understanding the EOP. In the meantime, please contact your Provider Services Specialist who would be glad to help!

Call: (619) 427-4411 Ext. 1600.

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