Areas of Employment

Caring for our Children

As an educator, you’ll join a team creating fun and engaging learning experiences for children through play. This includes crafting lesson plans that incorporate physical, emotional, intellectual and social development for school-readiness while creating and maintaining program policies. You’ll be involved in strengthening community interaction by actively participating in our parent engagement workshops, communicating information, and sharing tools and techniques on building parent resilience. The early childhood education careers available at CDA include lead teachers, support teachers, floaters, site supervisors, and early childhood program coordinators.

Caring for our Families

As a case manager, you’ll be building relationships with families and providing the available resources to encourage the success and well-being of our families. This includes serving in an advisory capacity at all steps, reviewing and examining documents, performing quality assurance reviews, and offering encouragement and support all along the way. You serve to transform intimidating experiences into reassuring ones for a positive, enriching experience.

Caring for our Child Care Communities

As a provider specialist or a field service representative, you’ll be bridging a child’s need for care and nourishment and a provider’s ability to provide those necessities. You’ll provide one-on-one orientations to review program guidelines and services, enroll or register providers as it corresponds to their program of interest, explain payment calculations and controls, and conduct provider visits to confirm quality control. Your job is to ensure providers understand their child care agreements while promoting the right quality of care.

Caring for CDA

As a member of administration, you’ll lead and support business and program operations for optimum service, growth and ongoing development. In areas such as information technology, finance, and human resources, you’ll help launch a variety of operational strategies to align with strategic goals and objectives while enhancing talents through training, coaching & mentoring. Serving on a multifunctional team, you’ll problem solve to support changing infrastructure needs and strategically move the organization forward to sustain CDA’s positive change.

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