Family Resources Newsletter – April 2024
04/15/2024 - Category: Family Resources

Engaging your family in Move More this April can be both fun and beneficial for everyone’s health.

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KPBS on San Diego’s child care crisis
03/25/2024 - Category: CDA News Alternative Payment Program Family Resources

KPBS reporter Tania Thorne, a mom of three, digs into the local child care crisis and provides guidance on navigating the system in a six-part series called “Where’s My Village?”

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Family Resources Newsletter – March 2024
03/07/2024 - Category: Family Resources

As we enjoy spring and celebrate CDA’s 50th anniversary, let’s remember how butterflies show change and growth.

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Charlene Tressler Memorial Scholarship 2024-2025
02/14/2024 - Category: CDA News Family Resources

Apply to the Charlene Tressler Memorial Scholarship and you could be awarded $2,500 for school tuition, books, or fees! Applications are due March 6, 2024, at 2:00 PM.

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Family Resources Newsletter – February 2024
01/31/2024 - Category: Family Resources

By understanding the importance of good oral hygiene, children can develop habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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Family Resources Newsletter – January 2024
12/20/2023 - Category: Family Resources

Global Family Day is a great way to come together to highlight and celebrate the importance of family, unity, and shared values.

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Family Resources Newsletter – Holidays 2023
11/15/2023 - Category: Family Resources

Holiday budgeting is an important practice that nurtures a sense of responsibility that we can also teach our children from a young age.

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Family Resources Newsletter – October 2023
09/28/2023 - Category: Family Resources

October brings the beginning of fall with its changing colors, harvest, and fun holidays that help create lasting memories.

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Family Resources Newsletter – September 2023
09/12/2023 - Category: Family Resources

By incorporating these activities, you’ll be promoting a lifelong love for reading and learning in your children.

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