June 11, 2021

Family Resources Newsletter – June 2021

Dear CDA Families,

As we continue on into summer and warmer weather, there are more people and things worth celebrating. This month our team would like to place the spotlight on all the Fathers and Father-figures who hold a special place in our lives. Father’s Day reminds us about the importance but also the challenges of fatherhood. Our understanding of what “family” means and looks like has continued to evolve.

The term father no longer solely applies to biological relationships. We have seen how other individuals in our lives can and have provided just as meaningful parent-child relationships. There is no one type of family where the child enjoys the healthiest father-child relationship, their capacity to love and build a bonding relationship goes far beyond the traditional family system. No one family is perfect, but we are grateful for the love, care, and presence from Father figures who have re-defined fatherhood for us.

The role of dad may look different from family-to-family and/or culture-to-culture, however, dads, like mothers, are pillars in the development of their children and their presence promotes inner strength and growth. Their positive and caring fathering has made and will continue to make a difference. Whether your Father figure is an Uncle, Grandfather, Friend, Cousin, neighbor, or in some cases your mother, we would like to say thank you.

As we celebrate this special day, for some very special people in our lives who we call father, remember that even if we have to celebrating physically distant, we hope that you are able to spend this day showing love and attention to them.

For all the love and care,

For all the moments shared,

For all the joys you brought,

For all the things you taught,

You have always made me glad,

Happy Father’s Day

Creative Ideas for Father’s Day to Make Dad Feel Extra-Special

  1. 13 Quarantine Father’s Day Ideas That Are So CreativeBest Life (bestlifeonline.com)
    Parents usually never take a day off, even when they are sick. Why not give them the day off, free from daily chores. Someone else can take care of the cooking and cleaning for that day. This will make them feel extra special and give them the much-needed break they deserve.
  2. Dads CorpsSAY San Diego
    The Dads Corps program is FREE and open to all fathers including Civilian Dads, Active Duty Dads, Veteran Dads, and Dads-To-Be!  Dad Corps provides fathers opportunities to thrive as “Parents, Partners, and Providers.”
  3. Things to Do for Father’s Day: 20 Fun IdeasFamilySearch
  4. Dads Resource and Support GroupHannah’s House
    Dads Resource and Support Group has been meeting weekly since May 2013. We have a full-service therapy and education program specializing in all matters related to parenting and co-parenting children, whether parents live together or live separately!
  5. 22 Fun Father’s Day Activities – Creative Ideas for Activities Dad Will LoveCountryLiving.com


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