May 5, 2021

Family Resources Newsletter – May 2021

Dear CDA Families,

Mother’s Day is always an important time to stop and remember to recognize and celebrate the endless efforts, support, and unconditional love that moms and other parent figures have in our lives. Personally, I make an effort to show how much I appreciate my mom on a regular basis. For example, I enjoy waking her up in the morning with breakfast in bed and spending time together around the dinner table, laughing and sharing stories as we reminisce about happy times.

Given the unique circumstances, many of us continue to find creative ways to celebrate these important holidays. The following are fun and creative ideas to help make Mother’s Day or any other day extra special.

8 Creative Ideas for Mother’s Day

1. Day Off

Parents usually never take a day off, even when they are sick. Why not give them the day off, free from daily chores. Someone else can take care of the cooking and cleaning for that day. This will make them feel extra special and give them the much-needed break they deserve.

2. Handmade Gift

Show your parent how much they means to you with a unique and creative piece of art. You can paint and decorate the outside of a terracotta pot, fill it with garden seeds and a handmade card that says “Thanks for helping me grow!” Or you can record a video on your phone wishing her a “Happy Mother’s Day” that includes video clips or pictures of fun times spent together.

3. Spa Day

Schedule a date with your mom or supportive parent figure to get pampered. Whether it’s getting a facial at her favorite spa, hair or nail salon, or a full body massage.

4. Reconnecting
  1. Life can get busy, especially with so much going on in the world. Make an effort to reconnect this Mother’s Day by listing the top reasons why your mom, grandmother, or other supportive figure is amazing.
5. Gift Certificate

Creating your own gift certificates for a free car wash, yard work, or any other chore makes a great gift.

6. Special Meal

Prepare a special meal or plan some quality time in the kitchen to make a favorite dish together.

7. Mother’s Day Interview

Come up with some fun, sweet, and silly questions to interview your mom or person of honor. What is their favorite memory as a child? What was their first job? What are some special talents they have? What is their favorite thing about me?

8. Dance Party

Create a parent-themed music list, decorate, and dress for the occasion to make mom or parent figure feel extra special. This is a great way to exercise and celebrate.

I hope these ideas inspire you to try something new this Mother’s Day as we celebrate and honor those who raised and nurtured us. Happy Mother’s Day from your CDA Family.

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