COVID-19: Updated Guidance for Child Care Programs and Providers
06/10/2020 - Category: COVID-19 Nutrition Program

On June 5, 2020, the California Department of Public Health issued Updated Guidance for Child Care Programs and Providers that aims to support child care providers and programs as they begin to reopen and other programs transition from emergency childcare for essential workers to enhanced regular operations.

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COVID-19: Apply for Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT)
05/29/2020 - Category: COVID-19 Family Resources

Because schools are closed due to COVID-19, children who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals can get up to $365 in food benefits in addition to their pick up meals from school. These food benefits are called Pandemic EBT or P-EBT.

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COVID-19: San Diego Essential Workers and At-Risk Populations Eligible To Enroll In Emergency Subsidized Child Care Services
04/23/2020 - Category: COVID-19 Press CDA News

San Diego essential workers and at-risk populations may be eligible to enroll their children in emergency subsidized child care so they can continue to work and protect our community during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Child Care For Essential Workers Proposal
04/10/2020 - Category: COVID-19 Press CDA News

The San Diego Emergency Child Care Task Force — 25 members from the region’s early childhood education, child care, and workforce communities — put forth a proposal last week calling for child care vouchers for essential medical workers and for local school districts to potentially re-open a limited number of care centers.

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CDA Joins San Diego COVID-19 Children’s Fund
04/07/2020 - Category: COVID-19 Press CDA News

Child Development Associates (CDA) joins San Diego for Every Child (SDFEC) to announce that new funding is available to help San Diego essential workers, families, and child care providers impacted by the coronavirus, COVID-19, through a grant program under The San Diego COVID-19 Children’s Fund.

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You May Be Eligible for CalEITC!
04/01/2020 - Category: Family Resources

The California EITC can result in hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars back when you file your taxes! Learn more about how you might qualify…

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7 Effective Ways to Teach Your Children About Money
03/05/2020 - Category: Family Resources

As parents and caregivers, the choices we make will usually influence and affect our children. Setting financial goals and teaching children about money early in life will help them develop a strong foundation for healthy financial habits in the future.

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CDA Partners with San Diego for Every Child
01/15/2020 - Category: Press CDA News

CDA is partnering with San Diego for Every Child – a coalition of seasoned champions, organizations, non-profits, and institutions committed to improving systems and structures to benefit all children in San Diego – to cut the experience of childhood poverty in San Diego County in half by 2030!

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7 Tips for a Stress-free Holiday Season
11/26/2019 - Category: Family Resources

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for many, it’s also the most stressful – especially when we put pressure on ourselves and try to fulfill the wishes of others. I put together some tips and resources to help you deal with less holiday stress and more fun.

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