How to Receive
Your Reimbursements


CDA reimburses for child care service on a monthly basis on behalf of the family – in some cases this will be for the full amount of child care, or it may be in combination with a parent’s co-payment due directly to the provider. Providers will be reimbursed for the amount billed/invoiced based on the Regional Market Rate Ceiling (RMRC) and the provider’s rates on file with CDA. The RMRC for each child authorized is based on the child’s age, type of provider, county, and total hours of authorized care.

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Certificate for Child Care Services

When a family is approved or has a change in child care services, CDA will give the parent and the child care provider a Certificate for Child Care Services. To help you better understand the child care services approved for parents on the Alternative Payment Program, check out our how-to videos:

Attendance Records

Attendance Records are the backbone of the Alternative Payment Program as these records are what is submitted monthly for provider reimbursement. Each family is given an Attendance Record specifically coded to a specific month and child. It is essential that child care is documented on the correct attendance form. The parent, provider, or authorized person is responsible for recording the child’s drop off and pick up times on CDA’s Attendance Record. CDA cannot accept alternate Attendance Records. If an alternate record is received, reimbursement cannot be issued.


Invoicing CDA is simple. Complete the “Provider Bill/Invoicing” section on each child’s Attendance Record by filling out what you charge for the care provided. This can either be a monthly, or weekly amount, depending on what your current rate sheet states. Then, submit your signed Attendance Records to CDA’s main office in Bonita.

Reimbursement Schedule

Reimbursement will be issued within 21 calendar days of receipt of complete Attendance Records.


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