National CACFP Week is March 12-18, 2023

Join CDA and the CACFP Community as we partner with Sesame Street in Communities during the week-long national education and information campaign! Our campaign focuses on Community, Awareness, Children, Food Program and Participation (CACFP). Download resources and learn how you can help promote National CACFP Week below.

Certificate of Awesomeness

Show your participation in the CACFP every day by downloading and printing your Certificate of Awesomeness.


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Parent Newsletter

Educate parents about the benefits of CACFP with this newsletter.


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Trying New Foods

The CACFP helps children learn healthy eating habits. Find out why breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the benefits of lunchtime, and tips for getting children to try new foods!

Activity Sheets

Educate children and parents about the CACFP with these fun activities and communication tools.