Common Questions

To join CDA’s Nutrition Program, providers must call the Nutrition Office or complete the web form online to schedule a training appointment at a time that is convenient for the provider. In addition to regular business hours, early evening and Saturday morning appointments are also available for your convenience. Please contact us at 800-698-9798 for more details or to schedule an appointment.

In order to participate in the CACFP providers must be licensed or listed with TrustLine and agree to follow the basic Federal and State regulations and requirements.

CDA serves providers in 6 counties across Southern California. If you live in San Diego County, Imperial County, Orange County, Riverside County, Southern San Bernardino County, or certain areas of Los Angeles County, we look forward to serving you!

No, all licensed and TrustLine providers are eligible to participate regardless of income and location, however providers are placed in one of two reimbursement rate categories. Not a licensed provider? Click here to learn more.

New children must be enrolled in the Nutrition Program so you can claim their meals. Once children are enrolled, you document attendance for the present children and foods offered at the meals you claim daily.

Yes, please head to our Resource Center to view available forms. If the form you are looking for is not in the Resource Center, please call the Nutrition Office and we will be happy to assist you.

Your monitor is your personal CDA Nutrition Program guide. She’s there to help you answer any questions you may have and to provide personalized training and support throughout the year. Your monitor will come to you at least 3 times per year to see how you are doing on our program and offer any assistance you may need.

When all children are served CACFP meals, they have the opportunity to experience foods that they may not be exposed to at home. In addition, children learn from watching their peers eat different foods that it is okay to try new foods that they may not be familiar with.

Yes, providers are reimbursed for feeding an infant whether the infant is on formula or breast milk.

Yes. Once you enroll drop-in and part-time children, claim them when present and you will be reimbursed.

TrustLine is California’s registry of in-home child care providers, who have passed a background screening and are licensed for child care. It was created by the California Legislature in 1987 and is a powerful resource for parents hiring a caregiver. All caregivers listed with TrustLine have been cleared through a fingerprint check of records at the California Department of Justice.

Reimbursement rates are based on the school boundary in which the provider lives. If the school is in an area where fewer than 50% of the students are eligible to receive free/reduced price meals then the provider is reimbursed at a lower “Tier II” rate. If the percentage of the students eligible to receive free/reduced price meals is greater than 50%, then the provider will receive a higher “Tier I” reimbursement rate for the meals they serve in their home. The provider may also qualify for the Tier I rate if she submits an income application and her personal income is below a level set by the State. Individual children who meet the income eligibility requirements may also qualify for Tier I reimbursement rates.

Providers are reimbursed at rates set by the USDA for up to three meals (two major meals and one snack or two snacks and one major meal) per day per child for meals meeting the USDA standards for nutrition. Providers keep track of the children and meals that they serve throughout the month using a free computer program provided by CDA. At the end of each month, providers send their data to CDA at the push of a button. Please call us for offline claiming options.

No, only a licensed or TrustLine child care provider can sign up for the program.

Providers may only be reimbursed for meals served to their own children if they income qualify and when at least one non-resident day care child is present and claimed at the same meal.

If a child with food allergies is in care, call the CDA Nutritionist for guidance. She will provide you with the required forms if necessary.

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