March 13, 2019

CDA Enrolls 524 Children Who Have Been Waiting For Child Care Services

Press Release: CDA enrolls 524 children who have been waiting for child care services

Bonita, CA, March 13, 2019 – In San Diego County, the cost of living for a family with two working parents can be over $77,223 annually according to the California Budget and Policy Center. Child care services alone can cost over 20% of a family’s monthly income- the second highest expense after housing[1]. As a result, without access to high-quality, affordable, and reliable child care services, parents face difficult choices about where to leave their children while they work or go to school. The California Alternative Payment Program provides subsidized child care services to low-income families through a variety of child care settings, maximizing parental choice.

In October 2018, Child Development Associates (CDA) was granted additional funding from the California Department of Education to enroll 524 children of low-income working parents who have been waiting for child care services but did not qualify to receive services through the CalWORKs child care funding.

“I waited over a year for child care services. The services that I am receiving from CDA have been a tremendous help. I was paying over $10,000 a year for child care for my two granddaughters. It was difficult to make ends meet, especially when I am the only one financially supporting them.”– Guardian parent in CDA’s APP

Affordable child care is essential for the financial stability of low-income families and the healthy development of their children. Today, CDA provides child care services to more than 8,190 children in collaboration with 1,800 child care providers.

“The additional funds allowed us to help an additional 524 children, however, we recognize there is still a large unmet need for affordable child care in San Diego County and we ask state policy makers to continue to expand funding for families in need.” –Rick Richardson, CDA’s President and CEO.

Despite recent funding increases, the state’s child care programs are struggling to climb back to pre-recession budget numbers, nearly $250 million short since FY 2007-08 after adjusting for inflation[2]. More than 1.2 million eligible children across California are still waiting for child care services[3].


Child Development Associates (CDA) is a community based, non-profit agency that has been providing child care and development services throughout San Diego County since 1974. At CDA, we believe in creating opportunities for families to prosper. Every day, we provide low income families access to high-quality early education so children can better succeed in school and life, affordable child care so parents can work or complete their education, and nutritious meals so children grow healthy bodies.


[2] September 2018; Dollars for Child Care and Preschool in 2018-19 Near Pre-Recession Levels With Boost From One-Time Funding

[3] 2019-20 DOF Governor’s Budget. APP voucher spaces.