CareConnect Provider

CareConnect Provider allows you to download and print Attendance Records, check the status of your Attendance Records, as well as view and print your reimbursement statements. Once a child is authorized for child care, their Attendance Record will appear in CareConnect Provider within 24 hours.

CareConnect Login

Digital Attendance on CareConnect Provider

CareConnect Provider also allows you to track attendance, invoice, and submit your Attendance Records digitally to CDA every month. You can navigate CareConnect Provider on your computer or mobile device. Click the buttons below to access our tutorial videos and guides to get started!

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Logging In for the First Time?


  1. Your email address will be your username and your password will be the first 4 characters of your email address + the last 4 digits of your SSN or TAX ID.
  2. After you log in for the first time, it will prompt you to change your password.
Username: (Provider email address on file with CDA)
SSN or Tax ID: XXX-XX-1234 (Provider SSN or TAX ID)
Password: CDAb1234 (Password created from email address and SSN or Tax ID)


If you have any questions please contact your Provider Specialist at

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