July 14, 2020

CDA Wins CLEAN Sustainability Champion Award


Chula Vista, CA, July 14, 2020 – Child Development Associates wins the CLEAN Sustainability Champion Awards – an initiative of the City of Chula Vista’s Sustainability Commission – designed to recognize individuals and groups who are helping to achieve clean air, clean water, and clean land for future generations within Chula Vista.

CDA has been recognized for its environmental leadership at Hilltop Child Development Center (CDC). Hilltop CDC, a state funded preschool, provides quality early education to 108 children ages 3-5 year-around. The center contributes to improving Chula Vista’s overall sustainability by providing children with a schoolyard wildlife habitat that integrates art, science, nature, and gardening.

“We are proud to be good stewards of the environment today, and teaching young children a love and respect for the environment to preserve our future,” said CDA President and CEO, Rick Richardson.

Built in 2014, Hilltop CDC Habitat gARTEn allows children to learn through nature in its National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat – a natural space that incorporates flora and fauna; a sensory edible garden; and an interactive water element with a bio-filtering swale that forms when it rains. CDA brought a vision of a sustainable schoolyard wildlife habitat to life, working with local vendors to incorporate reclaimed materials in the construction of their outdoor classroom.

Through organic gardening, environmental stewardship, and nutrition education Hilltop CDC helps reinforce Chula Vista city and school district efforts to encourage children and families to pursue healthy lifestyles. Hilltop CDC was recently acquired by Education Enrichment Systems.


About Child Development Associates

Child Development Associates (CDA) is a community based, non-profit agency that has been providing child care and development services throughout San Diego County since 1974. At CDA, we believe in creating opportunities for families to prosper. Every day, we support families with affordable child care services and nutritious meals to ensure their child’s healthy development and future success. For more information and annual impact, visit www.cdasd.org or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @cdasandiego.