April 15, 2024

Family Resources Newsletter – April 2024

Hello CDA Family!

Step into better health with “Move More” month. Celebrated in April, “Move More” is an initiative intended to encourage people to increase their physical activity and adopt healthier lifestyles. Originating from various health organizations, including the American Heart Association, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the benefits of regular physical activity. The idea is to incorporate more movement into our daily routines, emphasizing that even small increases in physical activity can lead to significant health benefits. The ultimate goal is to help reduce the risk of heart disease, improve mental health, and overall well-being.

Engaging your family in “Move More” this April can be both fun and beneficial for everyone’s health.

Fun ideas that can help your family get moving more:
  1. Family Walks or Hikes: Choose new trails or neighborhoods to explore together. Make it more interesting by having a scavenger hunt or a nature bingo to keep your kids engaged.
  2. Bike Rides: Family bike rides are a great way to spend time together, explore, and get a good family workout. Look for safe, scenic bike paths in your area.
  3. Dance Parties: Host a family dance party in your living room. It’s a fun way to get the heart pumping. Let each family member take turns playing their favorite dance song.
  4. Gardening Together: Gardening is a great way to stay active. Planting, weeding, and watering can be a workout.
  5. Yoga or Pilates: Try a family-friendly yoga or Pilate’s session that can be done in the living room or backyard. Look for online classes geared towards families.
  6. Sports Day: Organize a mini sports day in your backyard or local park. Include activities like sack races, tug of war, frisbee match.
  7. Cooking together: While not as active as the other activities, cooking a healthy meal together can be a great way to end a day full of activities.
  8. Weekly Challenges: Set up weekly challenges for steps, jumping jacks, or any other physical activity. Keep a chart to track progress and celebrate achievements with small rewards.
When kids stay active, it benefits them in lots of different ways:
  1. Growing Big and Strong: Regular physical activity helps kids build stronger muscles and bones, improving their balance and coordination along the way. Regular activity for kids also boosts their mood and energy levels, making them feel happy, confident, and ready to take on the world!
  2. Staying Healthy: Moving more helps children maintain a healthy weight and keeps their hearts and lungs strong, reducing the risk of health problems. When kids stay active, they are able to have better sleep patterns which are very important for their overall development. Also, regular physical activity supports children’s immune systems, help them fight off illnesses, stay strong and resilient.
  3. Brain Power: Being active is good for their brains too! It helps kids think better, concentrate more, and learn new things, which can boost academic performance. Plus, staying active can unleash their creativity and imagination, leading to innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, regular physical activity can improve mood and reduce stress, creating a positive environment for learning and growth.
  4. Making Friends: Playing and doing activities with others helps kids make friends and learn teamwork. They also learn how to talk with others and work together, which helps them do well in school and in life. It’s like building a team where everyone helps each other and has fun together!
  5. Healthy Habits: Encouraging kids to be active now sets them up for a lifetime of healthy habits. They’re more likely to continue being active as they grow older, reducing the risk of chronic diseases later in life. Plus, when kids are active, they learn how to take care of themselves and make healthy choices, like eating well and staying safe during playtime.

Incorporating more physical activity into your family’s routine not only promotes physical health but also strengthens family bonds through shared experiences and fun memories.



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