August 8, 2023

Family Resources Newsletter – August 2023

Dear CDA Families,

We hope this newsletter finds you and your family well and staying cool during these hot summer days. As parents, we often wonder what we can do to best support our children’s success through their educational journey. As the new school year kicks off, we wanted to share some valuable tips to support you in this effort.

Below are Some Tips to Consider:

1. Establish a Routine:

Consistency is key when it comes to supporting your child’s success. Establish a daily routine that includes study time, homework, wake-up and bedtime schedules, and other activities. A consistent routine helps children develop good study habits, maintain focus, and manage time effectively.

2. Create a Supportive Learning Environment:

If possible, create a designated space that is quiet and comfortable where your child can study and complete homework without distractions. Ensure that the space has proper lighting and access to school supplies that are readily accessible.  By providing a supportive learning environment, you are setting your child up for academic success.

3. Communication with Teachers:

Communication with your child’s teacher is critical. Get to know your child’s teacher and have ongoing communication with them. Attend parent-teacher conferences, reach out for progress updates, and ask about any available resources or programs that might benefit your child. Teachers are a valuable source of information and support to help your child succeed.

4. Encourage Reading:

Reading is an important skill that supports academic success across all subjects. Encourage your child to read regularly by providing a variety of age-appropriate books and promoting a love for reading. Visit the local library together, set aside dedicated reading time, and engage in discussions about the books they are reading.

5. Promote a Healthy Lifestyle:

A healthy body supports a healthy mind. Provide well-balanced meals and water to help them stay hydrated throughout the day. Avoid junk foods and sugary drinks that can make them feel sluggish or have too much energy during study time. Encourage regular physical activity. Physical exercise helps improve focus and concentration, while proper nutrition and sufficient rest contribute to overall well-being and academic performance.

6. Goal Setting and Time Management:

Teach your child the importance of setting realistic goals and managing their time well. Help them by breaking down larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps and creating a system to organize and complete assignments on time. Encourage them to find a balance between school and personal time.

7. Parent Engagement:

It is important to stay involved and engaged in your child’s education and school community. Make an effort to attend school meetings, volunteer for school events, and participate in parent workshops. Being actively engaged, will help you better understand your child’s educational experience and promote a strong support system. Remember, support from parents is the key to helping kids achieve academic success.

Community support is another important part in helping children and families succeed. CDA is excited to host a back-to-school community resource fair to help kick off the school year! We will have activities, family resources, and lots of giveaways. Come meet our community partners and learn about their programs and services. To learn more, visit our website and let us know you’re coming.

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