February 7, 2019

Your Child Is Kindergarten Ready When They Learn How To…

Is your child is ready for kindergarten? We put together a handy checklist to help you figure out if your child has the physical, social-emotional, academic skills he or she needs to start kindergarten ready to succeed.

  • Get along with other children
  • Follow a routine
  • Use the bathroom unassisted
  • Communicate needs to an adult
  • Assert self and ask for help from an adult when needed
  • Pay attention and follow simple directions
  • Share and wait to take turns
  • Control Impulses
  • Separate from parents for extended periods of the day
  • Be aware of other peoples’ feelings
  • Show confidence in abilities
  • Show an eagerness to learn
  • Have an interest in books and being read to
  • Show the ability to control a pencil
  • Identify some letters, shapes, and colors
  • Count up to 10 items
  • Know his or her full name and age
  • Recognize first name in print
  • Use scissors
  • Understand spacial concepts such as over, under, and through
Please Remember That These Skills Are Guidelines, Not Requirements.

It is the child’s age, not skill level that determines when a child can start school. Children that are age five on or before December 2nd are able to attend Kindergarten.

You are your child’s first and most important teacher. Your child learns through you, and the world around them. Connect, play and have fun with your child often. Read with your child, and most of all love your child through all the teachable moments.

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